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Mike Caldwell is a hard working skilled IT specialist with a beautiful boy age 14 and girl age 13 with autism. I have extensive knowledge and experience in information systems design and analysis. Proven leadership capabilities in assessing the needs of clients, providing workable strategies and implementing solutions. Extensive background in troubleshooting various systems and applications. Wide-ranging knowledge and experience in Computer systems, Mechanics, Medical systems and Banking and Financial institutions. I can work under tight deadlines and multiple projects effectively. Committed to quality work and customer service while working efficiently and cost effectively. My last job with Alliance Healthcare (now Quatris) was a GE Centricity VAR, Dell VAR, and Microsoft Platinum partner with in house engineers and multiple ASP’s and over 800+ clients.

I have spent many years in the electronic/computing field in general, working with Mechanics, Interfacing (Mirth Specialist), Electronics, Programming, Database management, Systems performance tuning and Internet technologies.  The last 11 years I have been building my skills in the medical arena. I provided support to staff and clients using the GE Electronic Medical Records and Practice management systems. I created standards in-house to make our company efficient and profitable. I created plugins that generated revenue processing electronic claims, ERA and Eligibility files to and from two major clearinghouses, Capario and Zirmed. I wrote many different programs and a 100+ Interface channels in Mirth for a wide variety of needs from linking documents in charts to processing lab results. Well versed in HL7 and ANSI X12 standards.

Networking and Virtualization are a very strong asset of mine. I have worked at every level in the networking environment from creating network cables to running in a large IBM AS/400 midrange systems and building and managing large ASP environments with VSphere from VMware. I have at manage least 10 websites at any given time. I am always attempting to keep ahead of the technical curve by investing in myself by buying new hardware and software so I always have hands on experience with the latest technology. I try to inspire others with work that I do and train or teach what I have learned. I have a decent size network at home with Hyper-V servers currently running Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8 clients, multiple tablets, phones and HDTV. I also build surveillance systems using webcams to monitor and stream video to anywhere that is needed.

My past includes working as Audio-Visual Technician, Warehousing, Mortgage Banking, Loan Origination and as a Systems as Systems Engineer using the IBM System 34, 36, 38, and AS/400 midrange platform. I am currently extending my skills in the following areas: Windows 8, Server 2012, Microsoft Office 2013, SQL Server 2012, C#, VB .Net and building web systems on many platforms as web reseller.

Recently I built from scratch, a 450X Honda motocross bike, this a high performance bike that requires a variety of advanced skills to build and ride, it is great exercise and a sport I have been doing since I was 5. I always have something to do and can’t help but keep busy doing all of it.

Mike Caldwell is MirthPRO